CoB Development and Age Squad swimmers have taken advantage of the recent Halloween break to enjoy a week of training abroad for a warm-weather camp in Fuerteventura.

 Accompanied by Coach Sophia Cross and Head Coach Steve McQuillan, the CoB senior-squad athletes have benefited of intensive training (with swimming sessions of up to 7km !), beach sport, and social activities.

Training away from the usual routine and environment gives athletes the chance to refocus on their goals and objectives. The often-experienced mid-term lull typical of cold weather can be effectively quenched by exploring new training. The social aspects of a warm-weather retreat give then the final boost to the Autumn preparation.

All that was successfully achieved with the Fuerteventura “buen retiro”! The benefits of team-bonding and focused training were indeed evident at the recent SU War Memorial Gala and Ulster Short-Course Championships, where CoB athletes gave brilliant performances!!



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