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“As a parent I have met other parents and heard their story and I now don’t feel as if I am the only parent who has went through this with their child”

“We hope that as Aoife’s confidence and experience in the water grows we will be able to swim together as a family which we haven’t been able to do since she went into a cast almost 3 years ago”

“The swim programme has offered my 16 year old daughter her first ever opportunity to meet other girls with the same condition”

“This programme has helped her reengage with sport, regain body confidence and make new friends. I cannot tell you what this means to me as her mum”

“Feel it really helps us as parents to talk to others”

“The club has allowed kids with the same condition to get together and enjoy exercise. They have grown in confidence and look forward to coming everyweek”

“The highly skilled coaches at Straight to Swimming are able to work within the individual restrictions of each child, not only to improve their swimming but it is doing wonders for his confidence”

Kids Quotes

“Today was the best day of my life”

“No I don’t want to get out” (of the water)

“I wanted to stay with the younger children but I’ve decided I’m moving up to the faster group today”

“I didn’t know that so many other people have Scoliosis like me”