Strong display of swimming skills by the junior swimmers of City of Belfast:  the latest SU Skills meet for the Belfast area, run at Bangor Aurora on 9 December 2018, saw City of Belfast fielding a 9-swimmer team selected from the J2 and J3 squads to demonstrate their mastering of some of the fundamental elements of swimming.

The SU Skills Meets, which have been introduced last year, aim at assessing the competence of junior swimmers in some of the most important aspects of swimming. From stroke efficiency to kicking strength, from gliding to tumbling, junior swimmers are called to display their skills and competence. Scrutinised carefully by SU Officials, only those swimmers achieving a (hard to get) Golden standard would then be allowed to enter Development meetings, thus moving up in the ladder of galas and races.

City of Belfast is proud to state that 7 of their swimmers achieved comfortably the Golden standard, while the remaining two narrowly missed the target, yet achieving an impressive Silver level of competence.

The success of the Club’s junior swimmers should be credited to the tailored training sessions delivered by Gavin McGucken and Stephen McKay,  who coach the J2 and J3 squad respectively and focus their training plans around the technical foundations of swimming, and the experience of Aquastroke Coordinator Hilary Idzikowska and CoB special-guest coach Ruth McQuillan, who stepped in for extra tips that, quite evidently, contributed to make the difference!


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