The Swim Ulster Provincial Town League is an exciting inter-club league which involves clubs from across the province. CoBSC were promoted to a higher division this season, as a result of last season’s success within the league. PTL’s include swimmers from 9 years + which results in the whole club coming together as a team to compete with other clubs. PTL’s not only provide an exciting competitive environment for the whole club to get involved in, but they also provide a fantastic training experience for our more competitive swimmers, and as such, all members are expected and encouraged to represent CoBSC as much as possible throughout the PTL season. For more information, visit

City of Belfast compete in Division 2 (of 4) in the 2017/18 season having secured promotion last season.


PTL gala dates and results:


Saturday 23rd September. Dungannon. (Home) Won 589 vs 552

Saturday 7th October. Swilly Seals. (Away) Cancelled (COB forfeit)

Saturday 25th November. Cookstown. (Away) Cancelled

Saturday 27th January. Lecale. (Home) Lost 561 vs 583

Saturday 10th February. Newry & Mourne. (Away) Cancelled

Saturday 3rd March. Area Heats

Saturday 24th March. Finals



Sat 24th September  v Lurgan (away) Won 596 vs 548

Sat 22nd October v Portadown (home) Won 608 vs 539

Sat 26th November v Limavady (away) Cancelled (COB forfeit)

Sat 28th January  v Enniskillen (home) Won

Sat 18th February v Olympia (away) 



26 September (home) v Ballymoney  Won

24 October (away) Portadown CancelledCOB forfeit due to Warm Weather training camp

21 November (home) Limavady  – Won 603 vs 541

23 January (away) Leander – Cancelled

20 February (home) Olympia. Won