Swim Ulster offer three development meets annually, these galas follow an open format, whereby many swimmers from many different clubs compete individually against one another. Development meets are the first step in the ladder of competitive swimming and offer junior swimmers the opportunity to gain qualifying times for more senior levels of competition.

In the 2016-7 season SU have introduced some changes to the Devt Galas: The purpose of these changes is to ensure swimmers at this age focus on skill application during racing. Now Swimmers wishing to qualify for the next level up ie Qualifying Meets, are required to achieve a qualifying time on Individual Medley, (legal strokes and streamlining – hips past the flags) and two 50m (9/10yrs) or 100m (11&over) qualifying times.

SU also run an additional meet (Swim Festival) at the end of the season for those not competing at Irish Division 2 or above.


Development Meet Information:

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