Last Friday 5th June saw the Aquasprint Finals Gala with City of Belfast swimming against two clubs, Newry and Mourne and Ballymoney in Lurgan pool.

Newry and Mourne hosted the event, which proved to be an exciting and most enjoyable finish to the Aquasprint season.

With only two lanes allocated per club instead of the usual three, most of the events proved very competitive with some really close races, which kept the finishing judges on their toes!

By the end of the freestyle relays Newry and Mourne proved worthy overall winners. Despite the final score it was great to see all the City of Belfast swimmers really swim their best and pull together as a team.

A sincere thank you to the following: the coaches and parents for all their assistance and support throughout the Aquasprint season, to Ellie and Theo this year’s Aquasprint captains and last, but not least, the swimmers.


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