Well done to the 13 swimmers who competed at the first SU Qualifying meet of the season in Lisburn on 12-14 October 2018.

Highlight of the event include an outstanding 41 pbs, at least one from nearly every swimmer! 5 gold medals have been awarded to CoBB swimmers, besides 13 silver medals and and 2 bronze ones. Jericho, Michael M, Cormac, Evan, Dara, Emma and Olivia swam Short Course pbs in all the events they participated to. Jericho, Evan and Olivia secured their first Ulster and Irish SC quanlifying times (Jericho achieved this in 7 events!). Dara and Cormac secured their first Ulster SC consideration times.  A great start to the season from everyone. Thank you of course to our coaches Steve and Iain and to the parents who assisted poolside.





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